Just to throw into the discussion some things that called my attention while I rewatched “Jughead”. I know these things may not be critical but it is always good to discuss Lost:

- When Locke was explaining to Richard Alpert that he was from the future and gave him the compass, his reaction was like he was pretty surprised about a man coming from some other time. I would’ve guess that this kind of thing would be quite normal for Richard, but I guess not.

- How did the US Military found the Island in 1954? At this point the island was already hidden from the world because when Locke asks Richard to tell him how to get out of the island, he replied that it was “privileged” information. So, did the military knew about the island and went to the island intentionally to do some bomb testing or did they end there by accident? What happened to them? Where they all killed? If so, what do you think happened to their ship or planes? If the military knew about the island back then, why aren’t they looking for it now? Or maybe they are…

- How did the others manage to steal a hydrogen bomb? How did they even hang it like they did in that tower they made? Why did they hang it at all? The bomb was very close to their camp, so maybe the military put it there and they others fought them and managed to reclaim the area. But still there were no signs or marks from heavy equipment on the field or anywhere else that would have been required to transport that massive bomb.

- Another thing I think is cool is that in the dvd commentary of the first episode of season 5, the producers addressed the issue that it was very convenient that flashes came whenever our heroes were in danger. They said that it happened that way because this guys are special to the island and the island would not let them die until they fulfill their purpose. Just like it happened with Michael before. This is why we get these convenient flashes. I noticed also that flashes happened whenever Locke was about receive information about living the island, showing that the island is refusing to letting Locke go away.

What do you guys think??

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