When I went to bed after watching the season premiere, my wife woke up and asked me if I liked the episode. My answer was “I don’t know”. But now I guess I didn’t like it that much. This is a first time for me not “liking that much” a Lost episode.

Here are some of my reasons:

- I found myself not caring at all for the alternate timeline. It is definitely a cool idea, but all it did was take away minutes from the story that I actually care about: the one that I’ve been following for five years. I hope that in future episodes they keep the alternate timeline at a minimum until it becomes relevant to the main story.

- At this time, it is becoming really hard for me to buy anything being done by the others. Early in the series I liked that vagueness about the others and who they were but this late in the game we should know about their reasons or, at least, what they do every day. All we’ve seen them doing is walk around the island behind some leader doing nothing. We know that after they occupied the Dharma barracks, Juliet’s group was doing research about their reproduction issues, but what did everybody else do? No idea. It is getting too distracting that watch that bunch of people in the background without any purpose.

- As a side mark, if they are so worried about smokey or anybody else getting into the temple they should think about closing that hole in the ground, that repair job is definitely past due.

- Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. I’m not a big fan of the supernatural, but I can and often enjoyed it as long as the story makes sense. But right know, Jacob is making no sense to me. I also found weird when the “John Lennon guy” asked Hurley if Jacob told him when he was going to come back to the temple. I don’t know but my impression from the way he asked the question was as if Jacob would usually hang out every now and then in the temple with them. I thought nobody was supposed to ever have seen Jacob or even talk to him. But that was just my impression.

- I think that when Ben asked smokey who he was and which were his intentions, the writers should have let us know something about him so we can put things in perspective. They are so used to being vague that I don’t think they can help it anymore. “

Maybe some of you guys can help me make some sense of things and get back into this season. I’ve enjoyed all last seasons and I would hate it if that wouldn’t be the case with this last season.

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