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May 11, 2009
  • Rebu2007

    I really disliked last night’s episode. I felt it was boring and useless. It was just an excuse to answer who were Adam and Eve and where did the smoke monster came from. And this late in the series I would have preferred to spend this hour with something directly relevant to the main story. If they would have showed this episode earlier in the season then maybe I wouldn’t be upset, but I felt that with the series ending soon, it didn’t do anything to move the story.

    Things they revealed:

    - Jacob and MIB “stepmother” was Jacob predecessor: this is my main issue with this episode. If everything would have started with Jacob and MIB, then giving their backstory would have been very informative and relevant to our story. But since their…

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  • Rebu2007

    After Locke’s resurrection, Sun and Lapidus met with Christian at the barracks. If Ilana is right about smokey being stuck with Locke’s body for good, then the logical conclusion would be that Christian is a separate entity.

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  • Rebu2007

    A New Mystery Surfaces

    February 10, 2010 by Rebu2007

    For each answer we get, we also get a new mystery. After the "What Kate does" episode we are left with a new question: How much did Claire was charged after being treated at the hospital in LA X? Will she be able to afford it? Or, the biggest question: If Claire gave her credit card to Kate, does that mean that there is Universal Health Care in USA X?

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  • Rebu2007

    Maybe this is what it is happening:

    1. Our survivors go back to 1977, as it had always happened, but this time they try to change things, which is something you’re not allowed to do. The “incident” that has been referred to since the beginning of the series, has always been the situation that occurred after the Dharma guys hit the underground energy pocket and everything started to fly around into the hole, and people getting hit by things and dying and all that stuff.

    2. When Juliet detonated the bomb then everything changed, but you are not allowed to do that, the universe has rules: Whatever Happened, Happened. Maybe small changes can be self-corrected, but this was too big of a change to be able to self-correct, the island would have…

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  • Rebu2007

    Issues with Season 6

    February 3, 2010 by Rebu2007

    When I went to bed after watching the season premiere, my wife woke up and asked me if I liked the episode. My answer was “I don’t know”. But now I guess I didn’t like it that much. This is a first time for me not “liking that much” a Lost episode.

    Here are some of my reasons:

    - I found myself not caring at all for the alternate timeline. It is definitely a cool idea, but all it did was take away minutes from the story that I actually care about: the one that I’ve been following for five years. I hope that in future episodes they keep the alternate timeline at a minimum until it becomes relevant to the main story.

    - At this time, it is becoming really hard for me to buy anything being done by the others. Early in the series I liked that…

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