I know we have all theorized about the numbers for like five and a half years, but I have a new theory based on what we saw in season 6. What if the "Lost Experience" is not cannon and there is nothing to the whole Valenzeti equasion? I know the producers said it was, but they lied a lot. What if the numbers served one purpose, to lead Hugo to an understanding of his destiny to replace Jacob, via Jack?

Jacob put those numbers out there in all kinds of interesting ways. Some actually made great things happen, like winning the lottery, while others made bad things happen, like driving a guy crazy. Most instances of the numbers were fairly innocuous.

When Hurley found out that each of those numbers represented someone on 815, he must have put things together and realized Jacob was working on a plan for a long time and that he was a big part of that plan.

I dunno. What do you think?

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