Okay, maybe this is painfully obvious to everyone but me, but hey, I'm slow sometimes. Anyway, when Flocke used the wristwatch to rig the C4, I got the impression he had done it before. Like, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna need this watch." That made me think about the conversation on the beach between MIB and Jacob where Jacob says, "Yeah, but it only ends once. Everythig else is just progress," or something like that. So I'm thinking Jacob and MIB have gone through this exact set of circumstances over and over again, not with a bunch of different people who come to the Island, but with the Losties. It's like a time loop they are stuck in or something.

I know we are supposed to be done with time travel and I sould not get fixated on one story elament, but I am just becoming more and more convinced that we are seeing MIB living out a plan that he has been perfecting for ages, trying different things to bring about the desired result. Okay, maybe my theory comes froming having watched Groundhog Day too many times.

Comments welcome.--Really Bad Robot 17:52, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

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