It has been mentioned a few times that, as was inevitable, the number of Lostpedia users has dropped significantly since the show ended. I suspect the number of users will take another hit after the DVD release hoopla dies down. So I think it is appropriate to take a few minutes now, while a number of us are still here, to say thank you to the creator and administrators of Lostpedia.

These people have taken time out of their schedules to make this one of the best Wikis on the net. I personally believe it is the best. It is better organized than most and the articles tend to look a little more professional than the average Wiki. I know all of us users have contributed to the look and feel of this exceptional Wiki, but we would not have been able to do that if it weren’t for the folks who work hard to make it all possible.

With these things in mind, please take a moment and post a few words of thanks to our awesome administrators.

Thank you

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