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    LOST: The Movie

    September 15, 2010 by Really Bad Robot

    Okay, I know this was talked to death in the weeks leading up to the finale and I was one of the big detracters. I said, along with many others, that D&C were going to wrap things up nicely and nobody would need a movie or spinoff or any such thing to make their lives complete.

    However, the show has ended and there is still a lot of life left in the myths and history of the island. Could it be that the right creative team could create an amazing new story that would continue the Island saga?

    Where is that guy that knows JJ?

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  • Really Bad Robot

    Wikia's New Look

    August 20, 2010 by Really Bad Robot

    I have been gone for a couple of days. So please be kind if this issue has already been talked about. Have you guys seen the new look wikia is planning to impliment. It looks cheap and tacky. I hope they get enough negative responses to rethink this thing. I am also concerned about new features that are supposed to make things more user friendly. I have seen those kinds of changes backfire.

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  • Really Bad Robot

    It has been mentioned a few times that, as was inevitable, the number of Lostpedia users has dropped significantly since the show ended. I suspect the number of users will take another hit after the DVD release hoopla dies down. So I think it is appropriate to take a few minutes now, while a number of us are still here, to say thank you to the creator and administrators of Lostpedia.

    These people have taken time out of their schedules to make this one of the best Wikis on the net. I personally believe it is the best. It is better organized than most and the articles tend to look a little more professional than the average Wiki. I know all of us users have contributed to the look and feel of this exceptional Wiki, but we would not have been …

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  • Really Bad Robot

    The numbers

    June 10, 2010 by Really Bad Robot

    I know we have all theorized about the numbers for like five and a half years, but I have a new theory based on what we saw in season 6. What if the "Lost Experience" is not cannon and there is nothing to the whole Valenzeti equasion? I know the producers said it was, but they lied a lot. What if the numbers served one purpose, to lead Hugo to an understanding of his destiny to replace Jacob, via Jack?

    Jacob put those numbers out there in all kinds of interesting ways. Some actually made great things happen, like winning the lottery, while others made bad things happen, like driving a guy crazy. Most instances of the numbers were fairly innocuous.

    When Hurley found out that each of those numbers represented someone on 815, he must have put t…

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  • Really Bad Robot

    There are a lot of favorite lists out there right now. So I thought I would jump into the frey. Throughout the run of LOST, I always tried to avoid spoilers, even before they were banned on this site. So here is my favorite: I have never been more blown away than I was when the first flashforward was revealed. They played it so well. It was like things didn't feel right, but you didn't quite know why. Then when Jack meets Kate at the airport you're like, "What the heck?" ...or maybe something stronger.

    What other moments really blew you away?

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