From the beginning of the show, it's been assumed that Locke is special and is meant to be the next leader of the others. However, after season 5, it appears that the only reason Locke was "chosen" is because he traveled back to 1954 (Cabin Fever) and told Richard that Jacob wants him to be the future leader. In The Incident, Richard even tells Jack that he had visited Locke 3 times off the island and found nothing particularly special about him. However, as I was rewatching season 4, the one thing in Cabin Fever that really caught my eye more than before was the picture young Locke had drawn of the monster attacking someone. Knowing that everything in this show is put there for a reason, I think a picture of this significance proves that Locke has some very special connection with the island, and that this connection will have a huge role in season 6... possibly real Locke will be the one to stop Nemesis or maybe even become the next Jacob...

--Reallockerocks 23:55, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

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