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August 13, 2009
  • Reallockerocks

    So everyone who has been listening to the podcasts knows that Damon and Carlton have tons of inside jokes about the show. One of these is the "zombie season" which was supposed to be season 7 and focus on all the dead characters. Well last night we found out that we had been watching the zombie season all along! They merged it with season 6 to confuse us! So maybe by joking about it Damon and Carlton were just dropping clues to prepare us for this FST device. I'm dissappointed that I didn't figure this out sooner...

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  • Reallockerocks

    Jacobs??? cabin

    September 8, 2009 by Reallockerocks

    So I'm sure this has already been discussed before, but now that we know Jacob has been living under the statue all this time, who has been living in the cabin? It would make the most sense if it was Nemesis, but instead of just living there, he was somehow trapped by the ash. The first time Locke went into the cabin, the man in the chair (who Ben preobably couldn't really see) told John to help him. This makes perfect sense that it was Nemesis, as it was Locke whose body was used to help Nemesis find his loophole. Also, when Illana goes to Jacob's cabin, there is a break in the ash, meaning that whoever was trapped there could have gotten out, and she says that someone else was living there. So if it was in fact Nemesis in there, how …

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  • Reallockerocks

    From the beginning of the show, it's been assumed that Locke is special and is meant to be the next leader of the others. However, after season 5, it appears that the only reason Locke was "chosen" is because he traveled back to 1954 (Cabin Fever) and told Richard that Jacob wants him to be the future leader. In The Incident, Richard even tells Jack that he had visited Locke 3 times off the island and found nothing particularly special about him. However, as I was rewatching season 4, the one thing in Cabin Fever that really caught my eye more than before was the picture young Locke had drawn of the monster attacking someone. Knowing that everything in this show is put there for a reason, I think a picture of this significance proves tha…

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