The island is not a physical entity is a kind of concept. This island provides "questions" for those who are not ready to "to let go" or "to go." The most interesting of this, is that the island concept does not only apply to the characters in the series, but for all people who are "thinking" about the series. Since we continue reading and discussing about it, WE ARE STILL ON THE ISLAND. We are still looking for "answers."

If you consider this as a possible explanation, and you start to think a little more about to it, you can discover that some of the stereotypes viewers can be represented by some of the characters:

Michael: it is the viewer who "abandoned" the island. He simply said, "this is garbage" and did not try to find something good on it. This character does not appear in the "end" of the series, sharing with everyone else. So it represents the people who didn't see the full show until the very end.

Ben: it is the viewer who understands, or think he understands what the island is. But, who is still "not ready" to "let it go", in other words, "still have things to do". The viewer who want to say and research a little bit more about the show.

Jack: represents those who want a clear answer. Those who want to “come back” with a rational explanation of the events on the island. In the end, they probably understand and enjoy what happened on the island.

Sawyer: th viewers who at some point in the series its heart was "broken", either because the favorite character died, "Juliet," "Charlie", ..., or something happened and they fought with the island, and finally could never got over it. But nevertheless, they reached the end of the series with the "broken heart."

Hurley: The people who enjoy to the fullest. The "crazy" or "geeks" who "saw things", those how "followed" the leader and, at the end, those who are going to stay at the island forever.

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