Post-Across The Sea, a friend and I were trying to put together what we understood of the rules. We've had a lot said back and forth about HOW to kill our candidates, Jacob, MIB, etc. I wanted to specifically deal with the Protector and the Smoke Monster.

  • Special Dagger necessary
    • For
      • MIB was able to kill Mother with it
      • He later gives the very same dagger to Richard to kill Jacob
      • Dogen makes a show of taking out this special dagger to give to Sayid
    • Against
      • The dagger belonged to MIB and he probably made it himself, nothing special about it, seems logical he'd use it to kill her.
      • He still has it when he meets Richard and knew Jacob would recognise it (Jacob to Richard: Who gave you this?)
      • Dogen probably just thought it was special given how little Jacob tends to tell his followers
      • Ben was able to kill Jacob with a NORMAL KNIFE
      • Sayid stabbing MIB has no effect

Conclusion - The dagger is symbolic, nothing else

  • Don't let him speak
    • For
      • MIB killed Mother before she could say anything
      • MIB and Dogen give almost identical instructions and in both cases the person meant to be killed gets in a word
    • Against
      • Jacob spoke to Ben and still ended up being killed.

Conclusion- It is a metaphor for the powers of persuasion and not literal

Ok the following section involves a lot of speculation considering how little we've been told, so bear with me.

  • How to kill the Protector
    • A candidate (or former) with a strong personal desire to do so can kill the Protector (the loophole)


  1. An angry and hurt Ben kills Jacob (Assuming Linus referred to Ben)
  2. MIB kills Mother in a rage after she ruins his chances to leave (she had considered him to be her replacement; he was her loophole which is why she thanks him)


  1. Well, here's where I need help :)


    • Once the Protector has chosen his/her replacement, he/she can die


  1. Mother very hastily makes sure she has passed on the torch to Jacob because she knows MIB will come for his revenge.


  1. To our knowledge, Jacob has not chosen anyone yet. Although this could be something yet to be revealed.

  • How to kill the Smoke Monster
    • Ok I have no idea. Sayid failed miserably and shooting at Smokey has had no effect whatsoever.
    • Is it possible that there will be a replacement for the Smoke Monster too? Can this candidate kill him??
    • I know there are some strong arguments that Mother was also a Smoke Monster as well as being the Protector. If this is true as well as my above thought, is THAT why he could kill her, because he ended up being her replacement??

I hope I've put all this down clearly. I'd appreciate if you guys could help me out and tell me if I'm missing something. Ouch my head hurts.

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