Hey guys, had a few thoughts regarding Ben’s judgment by Smokey in Dead is Dead. I thought it was a bit odd that the only “sin” considered by Smokey was Alex’s death. Not that it wasn’t a serious affair, but Ben has been responsible for a number of deaths, directly & indirectly. Not to mention the countless lies and scheming.

Some of Ben’s actions seem completely selfish and not in the interest of the island, like shooting Locke and later succeeding in killing him in the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.

However, in this context, Ecko’s judgement seems very harsh too me. He refused to repent since he believed he did a lot of these bad things so that Yemi could have a better life. Smokey didn’t seem to agree and killed him.

So what do you think? On what basis is Smokey judging people and do you think Ben was let off too easily?

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