Hello, hoped someone could help clarify some points regarding WTDF:

1. What EXACTLY was the point of kid-Jacob appearing to Hurley? We see grumpy kid-Jacob grab the ashes and run only to see calm adult-Jacob a few seconds later. ermm?

2. a) Now that Widmore is dead, I'm curious about what he planned to do other than fry Desmond. Zoe,the geophysicist is dead too(YES!!) oh wait, why did we need her again?? Wasn't she asking for Jin's help regarding the pockets of EM. I dont get it, now that they're dead, what now?

b) Widmore confirms he's on Jacob's side, so why on earth were they shooting at the candidates at the dock?? not to mention planting the bomb on the plane. Seems everyone Jacob recruits is horribly incompetent

3. I know I should just accept Jacob's answer about why he chose them. Flawed, alone, etc. But its just so vague, almost everyone fits those criteria. ah well.

I don't mean to nitpick, loved the episode overall, just wondered if I've missed anything.

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