Ok firstly, if anyone has already suggested this I’m sorry, guess I missed it. Many people have suggested that MIB is the ‘malevolence’ that the island is keeping in. But what if MIB, along with the island are what is keeping the ’evil’ at bay. Below are a few thoughts as to why:

1. Without the bottle, the cork doesn’t really have any use does it? So Jacob needs MIB to stay

2. MIB leaving the island is the equivalent of the bottle breaking (last scene of Ab Aeterno)

3. The Smoke Monster has been called a ‘security system’

4. MIB believes the worst of people, ‘they come, they destroy…’ Maybe he knows him leaving will wreck havoc to the world, but he doesn’t care anymore because ‘its in their very nature to sin’. He’s been trapped into being this security system and just wants to leave. Even if it means he himself is destroyed. Jacob is trying to prove him wrong that people can still redeem themselves.

I have no idea what the malevolence is that so desperately needs to be kept trapped nor can I understand where the Sideways world fits in.

Anybody want to build on this (or rip it to shreds :D)? This 2 week hiatus is already driving me nuts so can’t think of any other way to spend it than with strange theories.

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