Hello, was trying to sort out a few questions.

Q1 - We know that Richard is a kind of advisor, presumably to Jacob and hence I would assume is wise and all-knowing. However, his inability to recognise the Nemesis/Esau/etc. really made me doubt him. With this in mind, can we say for sure that all this time that 'Jacob' gave instructions to Ben through Richard, it was actually Jacob? Who's to say Richard hasn't been duped all this time, taking orders from Fake-ob?

I guess one argument could be that he couldnt have been taking orders from Nemesis since most people believe that he can only take on the form of dead people and Jacob wasn't dead then.

Q2 - I cant seem to recall HOW does Ben know about the cabin? If Richard told him, why did he, since he obviously knew that Jacob lives in the statue?

I probably sound confused but bear with me. Any thoughts would be helpful, be nice :)

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