Hello, I was hoping some of you would help me get some clarity on this one mobisode called "So it begins" where it was revealed that it was Christian Shephard, who told Vincent to wake up Jack immediately after the crash.

What he said to Vincent was “I need you to go find my son. He's over there in that bamboo forest, unconscious. I need you to go wake him up. Okay? Go on. He has work to do.”

Especially after it was revealed that MIB was Smokey everyone automatically concluded that MIB=Yemi=Alex=Christian; however I’m a bit confused about Christian. Sure a lot of his actions pushed Locke towards what MIB wanted but why would MIB refer to Jack as “my son”, as if Vincent would care. Another time he mentions “my son” was before Locke turns the frozen donkey wheel.

Ok so the point I’m trying to make is, what if Christian is not a manifestation of MIB? What if he really IS Christian Shephard? If that is true then why is walking around alive and is he on Jacob’s side, MIB’s side or some mysterious third force which some people have been theorizing about?

Am I reading too much into it or do you think there’s something to it?

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