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    Yes I get that the Alt was this limbo place where the Losties went after they died, etc. They created this life where their deepest wishes unfolded, fine. What I cant seem to make the connection with is WHY did we need to see this? I mean, we've spent half of season 6 watching this but was the only reason that they wanted to show us these characters are forever bound to each other even after death? I'm ok with that but isnt half a season a little...err too much?

    I really WANT to like the end, so those of you who did find it perfect please help me out here. Am I missing something and not looking at it the right way?

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    Hello, hoped someone could help clarify some points regarding WTDF:

    1. What EXACTLY was the point of kid-Jacob appearing to Hurley? We see grumpy kid-Jacob grab the ashes and run only to see calm adult-Jacob a few seconds later. ermm?

    2. a) Now that Widmore is dead, I'm curious about what he planned to do other than fry Desmond. Zoe,the geophysicist is dead too(YES!!) oh wait, why did we need her again?? Wasn't she asking for Jin's help regarding the pockets of EM. I dont get it, now that they're dead, what now?

    b) Widmore confirms he's on Jacob's side, so why on earth were they shooting at the candidates at the dock?? not to mention planting the bomb on the plane. Seems everyone Jacob recruits is horribly incompetent

    3. I know I should just a…

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    Post-Across The Sea, a friend and I were trying to put together what we understood of the rules. We've had a lot said back and forth about HOW to kill our candidates, Jacob, MIB, etc. I wanted to specifically deal with the Protector and the Smoke Monster.

    • Special Dagger necessary
      • For
        • MIB was able to kill Mother with it
        • He later gives the very same dagger to Richard to kill Jacob
        • Dogen makes a show of taking out this special dagger to give to Sayid
      • Against
        • The dagger belonged to MIB and he probably made it himself, nothing special about it, seems logical he'd use it to kill her.
        • He still has it when he meets Richard and knew Jacob would recognise it (Jacob to Richard: Who gave you this?)
        • Dogen probably just thought it was special given how little J…
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    Not that I think this has any relevance to the plot, but I was curious if anyone else felt Sayid's accent in the Candidate was very different?? A friend of mine noticed it too so I guess I wasn't the only one. It almost felt as if Naveen Andrews' accent was creeping in.

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  • Rd4815

    Ok firstly, if anyone has already suggested this I’m sorry, guess I missed it. Many people have suggested that MIB is the ‘malevolence’ that the island is keeping in. But what if MIB, along with the island are what is keeping the ’evil’ at bay. Below are a few thoughts as to why:

    1. Without the bottle, the cork doesn’t really have any use does it? So Jacob needs MIB to stay

    2. MIB leaving the island is the equivalent of the bottle breaking (last scene of Ab Aeterno)

    3. The Smoke Monster has been called a ‘security system’

    4. MIB believes the worst of people, ‘they come, they destroy…’ Maybe he knows him leaving will wreck havoc to the world, but he doesn’t care anymore because ‘its in their very nature to sin’. He’s been trapped into being this …

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