May seem like a stupid question, but why make such an amazingly complex show and portray characters who arent American, with American accents? Or is Jacob American? And that is the point.

The motivation behind this question, is from reading suggestions that Ricardus is Egyptian. Again, why not cast the part authentically if this is the case. Charlie, Sayid, Naomi, Penny, Eloise, Charles, Dogen etc all dont have American accents (because they arent American so we believe)

I suspect this question wont occupy more than a second of some people's time, however, it seems so obviously stupid, that characters with American accents have some sort of link to America yet live on an Island in the South Pacific (if the case), or have adopted the accent somehow at some point.

I guess it's an American show and the answer will not be significant (in other words I am wasting time even thinking about this)

However, if this stupid question is relevant, (I am thinking of the significance of Dogen's nationality perhaps), then I am quite interested in Jacob's biography for obvious reasons

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