Getting straight to the point, if you had to say which was THE ONE single biggest question remaining for Lost to answer now at this point, what would it be?

I've read all of the concerns about 'certain' questions (some small, some a little bigger) not potentially being answered by the end of the show, but in terms of the BIG questions, particularly some of which have developed this season, which would you say personally, is the most important for you? Just want to try and gain a general idea of which is the primary issue for the story now. Because I am particularly interested in this, there is a rule here. Only one issue is allowed. Not 3 or 4.

For me, it is the issue, of how actually (post last week's Desmond episode) the FST and OT (in terms of the other Losties) are going to connect (consciousness or whatever) - how is it actually going to happen/work. I know some people might find this no where near as important as Jacob and the MiB (and it might not be), but for me, it has now become imminently intruiging.

Feel free to share your 'one' issue/question/mystery you find the most important as we go into the final part of the story

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