Whilst I hope to share many Lost thoughts with fellow Lostpedia friends over thee next few days, I wanted to start the ball rolling by throwing out a blog (if not already done) as a way of sharing one or two thoughts (recent or old skoool). My hope is, to get as many Lostpedia contributors as possible to share a thought. This can be anything.

From my point of view (I will be sharing in more detail over the weekened), I would like to take a moment, to thank every single Lostpedia contributor/reader for sharing your time with this community. Each one of us has our own story / life experience, but thus community binds us daily. Whatever your theoretical position, Lostpedia, and its users, have provided us all with hours of reflection, challenge and excitement.

If you could take 2 seconds of your time, please use this opportunity to share a thought as a community

- My thought is this. From a place where I can enjoy Sean Sheep and Xabial12, this island (Lostpedia) truly is magical. I regard you all as Lostpedia friends. May we continue to enjoy discussing our favourite programme.

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