Does anyone think that we are going to see the MIB turn up at some point in the alternate timeline x ?

What really fascinates me about this character, is that we have only ever seen him portrayed by Titus Welliver in one single scene, and whilst the whole Flocke thing is intruiging and an opportunity to keep Terry O'Quinn on screen, I think the fact that we have seen Welliver (whether this be the character authentically or in that body for the purpose of something else, although I dont think anyone would believe this) makes the character more interesting. In other words, I find it fascinated to wonder if we ever actually will see Welliver again, or whether it his appearance will only ever be specific to that context of the beach scene with Jacob)

Hence the motivation for the question (which is would it be possible for him to appear in the new alternate timeline in some capacity and if so, how?) Any ideas?

Personally, I dont think we are ever going to be given a comprehensive background story to either Jacob or MIB, perhaps only a flash sideways before these timelines merge in some capacity, although I have no idea how this is ever going to happen (which I guess is at the heart of season 6)

I think Titus Welliver was great in that short scene, and in a weird sort of way, would be left really cool if we never saw him again if anyone kind of understands my logic (or lack of)

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