I write this with a heavy heart.

Whilst I will always re watch with fondness, I am going to miss that anticipation each week of looking forward to watching Lost, and then coming on Lostpedia to see what you have all thought, theorised and questioned. Whilst I have only been reading thoughts on Lostpedia for a year, this bloody website has been one of the key focal points of my week for what has seemed a long time. I read your names like they mean something to me. They mean friendship. Whilst I am unable to sit with a beer and discuss in person, I have enjoyed your company so much over this last year, even if I have never posted a reply on a particular blog, by merely reading your thoughts about my favourite tv show, I feel like I have made a connection to people, whether that be in disagreement, learning something new, laughing at some of the hilarious things said, or just seeing some of the crazy names people came up with as usernames. I will remember many things. And I will take those personally with me during the next chapter in my life. Lost will always be Lost. Perhaps even Lostpedia will continue to grow in a different kind of way. But this is sort of the end. It is time to say a big thank you to all of you for sharing moments with me on Lostpedia.

Before I came on here, I was a little Lost in my life. I wont bore you all with details, but this wiki has been a friend during some tough days, and I move forward a little less Lost than I was before. There are many many people who have contributed so much more than I have, to those who spend so much time working on pages for people like me, a thank you isnt enough. You have created such a fun, intruiging, wortwhile environment for people to enjoy. Of course, thank you to the show, the writers, for making the bloody thing which I became obsessed with for so long.

But this heartfelt thanks, goes out most of all, to you. All of you on here, who share your time daily. I won't forget your usernames.

So, as we embark on this final day, and whilst there will be opportunities to discuss things after it has finished, this moment, of a new episode, the final chapter, is here. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I hope to do. Wishing all of the Lost finale parties out there the best of fun. And to those, who I will never meet, speak to, or hear from again on here, I am with you today in spirit and emotion.

It's time.

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