Some of you are probably angrily aware that a blog I created yesterday (which was very anti-spoilers) ended up being hacked by a spoiler. One person said it was ironic. I however, felt very responsible, because whilst the tool hacked other blogs, I do feel my blog probably gave him/her the platform they may have been seeking.

For those who read my original blog, even if you disagree with me in pricinple about spoilers, you know my passion and anger against them came from the heart, and I have never had experienced of being hacked in this way. Sean Sheep, I am sorry for the slow response to your suggestion about 'hiding' the comments. It took me a few minutes to work it out. In the end, it was 1am here in the UK, and I had to go to sleep for work, so I stayed up as long as I could hiding the comments and reported it.

I am not going to discuss spoilers again, because (a) I dont want this to now become another platform for someone to use to ruin things for those who never seek things, and (b) because Im sure everyone has had enough of this drama

However, this is my only real chance of apologising to anyone who read that blog and got angry/upset etc. You probably werent as upset as I was. Once again, sorry it happened on my blog.

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