Old 'skool' question from White Rabbit

Ok, so before heading into the land of a Lostpedia boycott until Friday, I just wanted to pose a really obvious old 'skool' question from White Rabbit (a. just to take a break from timeline splits, island submerging under water, theories for a second and b. because I like to pose what seem stupidly obviously meaningless questions sometimes like my 'why does Jacob have an American accent' question)

So, why would MIB (if he took Christian's body) lead Jack to the Water? On the surface, if MIB is opposed to Jacob / his plan / candidates / protecting the Island, why would he want to help Jack? Or is there something more to this simple scene? I have always been fascinated by Christian in particular

Which leads me on to part 2 of this ridiculous question, what do you believe Locke refers to / believes / saw .. when he suggested 'he looked into the eye of the Island and what he saw was beautiful'?

Any ideas?

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