Just watched the package in the UK, and have just spend some time reading the various blogs posted over the last couple of days. If season 6 was a 26 mile marathon, I found it sort of pacing at the half way mark literally. Some really cool scenes, (always enjoy Keamy and his teeth) sort of a richard hangover from his big ricardo session the week before, enjoyed room 23 and the Jack/Sun on the beach scene

I recently posted a pubescent 'top 10 lostie hotties' blog and I slated people for mentioning Sun, however did anyone else sort of find the whole new seductive Sun a sort of turn on?

Also, I loved the Mikhail's 'eye' scene.

Moving forward, I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to how the 'war' might take place / what it may involve. We know about the candidates, the need for keeping flocke/MIB trapped as the genie in a bottle, Flocke's needing the candidates to leave the Island with him .. Im curious as to what this 'war' is going to involve and how. Please share ideas.

ps. Frank is proving to be one of the coolest most understated characters ... whilst Sayid is going in the opposite direction

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