So I have established some level of interest for a 6 year reunion of Lostpedia contributors to all meet on an Island in Hawaii to enjoy amongst various things, hunting our very own boar.

I have also established that it appears a ridiculously scary thought if we somehow died before the finale, thus never getting the chance to see how it ended.

The final part of my 'this week' story is to establish if anyone would be interested in contributing to a Lost finale week diary blog - which basically would be designed for us all to share our final thoughts, hopes, fears, ideas, and lives during the final week (would need to work out a cut off point due to different times/dates/countries showing the finale etc)

If enough people would be interested, I will go ahead and construct a page which facilitates it.

I am thinking perhaps the 4 days prior to the finale being shown in the states, where people can write as much or as little as they like, ranging from reflection of the whole 6 seasons building up to the finale, or a simple thought, or comment about what Lost has done for you, or more particularly, how Lost has affected your life during those 4 days prior to the finale

Feel free to comment/share/criticise/take this idea forward yourself

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