I am going to try and articulate a feeling I have about present character significance.

I know Jack is not overly the most popular character on Lost (it's cooler to be one of the quiet interesting geeky kids in the corner at school rather than the popular good looking captain of the sports team type theory) and my perception from reading a hell of a lot of blogs over the past couple of months, is certainly, ideas of Jacob/MiB, Hurley, Richard and of course Desmond Wallace Hulme being the most interesting, significant characters in terms of how the story has developed this season,

but for me, (and this is not motivated directly from the Last Recruit), the biggest interest, mystery and significance still surrounds Jack. He's had a quiet season by his early Locke conflict standards, but I have been sensing that this putting Jack on the periphery of things this season (nicely captured by his lonely solitude moment staring at the Ocean post Lighthouse destruction) actually adds to a slow building tension of his character, which sort of came to the fore in the Last Recruit, where his old game face is starting to reappear.

I guess what I really wanted to share, (after this waffle) was that whilst I always enjoy Hurley's, Sawyer's and Frank's one liners, Jacob/MiB's mystery, and Desmondo's scientific importance, I still find Jack the most fascinating character.

2 questions:

1. Where the hell is Jacob???????????????? (is he ever going to reappear?)

2. Where the hell are Ben and Richard???????????? (just taking a stroll somewhere?)

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