I am sticking my neck out here. I dont expect anyone to reply. I think I am sort of writing this to myself in some ways. There is a sense of numbness. And then at times, depressing sadness. Sadness at something so beautiful. There were times where during the finale, I sat in total shock. Other times, I sat with the biggest spine tingling shiver, other times with the biggest lump in my throat, and then other times when I let out the tears. So many emotions. And here's the thing.

It has nothing to do with negative capability. Or pissing off science. It was just a multilayered character story all along. I want to go into more detail about this and explain my interpretation once I have found the courage to watch it again.

But here is my instinctual thought. How I felt. And perhaps someone might question this, and say once the emotion has settled, I will critically see it as something I would rathet not.

But I disagree. I think what we are actually going to find. Is that in the end, when we go back and watch it over and over, we will realise we are seeing a masterpiece. Not in terms of science fiction. But in terms of a fcking love story. A powerful story of being Lost and Found. Something we all look for in life, but yet very few of us find. Peace, friendship in adversity, soul mates, love, happiness.

People of science might not enjoy such an ambiguous poetic ending, and that shouldnt make people think that all of the mysteries and science theorising has been a waste of time. It hasnt.

It has been a journey for all of us. In the end, the destination was what we witnessed if at times vaguely. But each of us has been on our journey watching the show. We are a microcosm of our very own Lost characters in a way. Some of us have connected on here. Some of us have learned a great deal. Some of us have found profound happiness in this show, whether that be real life or not.

Maybe we are not ready to move on just yet. But in the end we will. This is a place we all made together so we could find one another. One of the most important parts of my life, has been the time spent watching this show. And sharing it with you. We didnt do it alone. I needed our Lost characters. And they needed us. Perhaps some of you needed them too. To remember and perhaps to let go a little of our own things.

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