If you havent seen the season 1 finale of Fringe dont read on.

What I mean by I am not a man of science (is that I havent studied chemistry, biology or physics since High school 11-16), thus whilst I love Lost for my own reasons (I feel like a child in love with and in awe of a tv drama for the first time etc) I am still learning about the scientific aspect of the show (which is why I love reading some of the really intellectual challenging blogs on here, even though theoretically I can't always contribute). So apologies for my sillier contributions which are probably more friendly, artistically designed, than challenging etc.

So ... why am I mumbling this. I couldnt possibly offer an original logical scentific theory, that would be (a) insulting to most of your intelligence and (b) it's just not me. However, whilst not being able to offer such a theory, I would like to pose something, whether you want to refer to it as a suggestion, point, observation, confusion or just looking for some clarity.

Last night I watched the finale of Fringe season 1 - and couldnt sleep. Maybe some of you who are up to date, (please dont spoil anything) have had a similar experience. And whilst there are some slight similarities to Lost, (and of course I cant go into huge detail incase someone reads this who hasnt seen the season 1 finale of Fringe) I just want to pose one thought.

Maybe this has been suggested before, and I certainly should work my own idea out in more detail before wasting your time with it, but is it possible (I am asking you smarter people here) - that the split occured during the original plane crash (kind of like the season 1 plane goes through a 'soft spot' or 'window - you know what I am referring to) ... and secondly, that the MiB can travel across water, he just cant get back through the window unless with the Losties, on an aeroplane into the alternate reality? What this makes Jacob, the whole incidents on the Island, time travel and all of the other million details, I have no logical idea.

So sorry for throwing my probably stupid idea at you all.

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