Hi everyone, (I know they were really Christain Shephards shoes but for a short time became Ray's thus I thought I would try and be original)

Greetings from the UK. This is my first time on here and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to such an amazing website and provided me with hours of enjoyment, reading everyones thoughts and opinions.

Just a couple of points, and please forgive me if they seem stupid (compared to those complex alternate reality theories lying around). Firstly, if there is a re-set, what does this mean for Desmond? I take it, it means he is still on the Island in the hatch? Or have I missed something?

And secondly, when Jacobs nemesis (Esau) (MIB) or whatever you refer to him as takes the place of Locke to get Ben to kill Jacob and thus create the loophole, can he take the form of others at the same time? i.e. Christian meeting Sun and Frank (within the same context i.e. year and time) as Flocke being on the beach talking to Ben and then Caeser, or not (when Locke sends Ben beneath the temple, he disapears for a while to get Ben a rope at the very time Ben goes to be summoned) etc

Finally, if you had to put the Island's characters into a camp (in terms of guessing either Jacob or his nemesis) which would they be? e.g Richard, Whitmore, Eloise, Ben, Ilana, in other words (not taking the 'one side dark and one side light' too literally) could Jacob be a bad guy after all?

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