Anyone else find the coincidences between Locke and Flocke ironic? I mean there is all this talk about who the MIB is (which has accelerated after Recon and Flocke discussing his crazy mother etc), but the more I look at it literally, Flocke as Locke is Locke as Flocke! I mean it doesnt work and doesnt make sense, but Flocke talks about how he once was a man who experienced betrayal, who loved etc, crazy mother, and he says this in Locke's body, describing in my opinion Locke himself. I find this quite strange. It doesnt have relevance necessarily, unless Locke became Flocke who actually in the end is Locke! Joke! And then there is the poetic moment of a young Locke drawing the smoke monster. It's all just beautiful.

Furthermore, anyone else find Charlotte's (sex voice) quite hot?

Where is Desmond!!!!!!???????????????

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