On Lostpedia, I certainly read more than I write. I indeed absorb more than contribute. And in my reading, I have read a LOT of criticism vs. keep the faith vs. the writers can do no wrong theme(s) developing intensely over the last 18 weeks. And I empathise with most positions. That doesnt mean I am sitting on the fence. I certainly have my own thoughts. Personally I side with the idea that season 6 hasnt lived up to what I hoped it was going to be. I wont ever forget that feeling after the season 5 finale. Never have I anticipated and looked forward to a new season of a TV programme as much in my life. And I think whilst season 6 has had moments of the 'old' Lost magic, there have been some let downs also, in the sense, of I didnt expect a season which I personally hoped would contain more answers than further questions to have developed with filler scenes also. Nor do I believe Darlton (with A&E) now have proof that they knew where the writing was going all along. Whilst I dont believe anyone voicing a critique of Lost (whether it be about science, mythology, characters, writing) doesnt love Lost as much as anyone else, of course they do, I do think, sometimes, some of us, have lost sight of the postive aspects of why we love it. Not just setting up mysteries which we hoped might be explained, or hoped might not, but our characters, their development and interaction, which in the end, will demonstrate where the real passion behind Darlton lay.

So I would like to take this opportunity to turn away from the whole Man of Science vs Man of Faith issue which lies at not only the heart of the show, but the heart of disagreement (within our expectations of the writing) and try and note, some of the positive aspects of Lost, so we can try and all embrace the show we ALL love as we go into the final few episodes.

So come on, EVERYONE!! .. it wont take more than 10 seconds of your time, to write down one thing you still love about Lost. We are a family. A community. Even in good heated disagreement. No one is a hater.

Here is mine.

- I love Lost because I relate to Jack's character with his relationship to his father (rather honest and perhaps deep but at this point in the series I dont mind being bare about it). On perhaps an easier level, I love Lost because it has opened my mind to science more.

Please share!!

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