3 quick points.

1. For those who follow links/thoughts on Twitter, I see Damon and Carlton have still not surfaced after their last Lost related post on the 23rd. I know they joked about going into hiding. Taking a few days/weeks off? Allowing it all to speak for itself (including the science/faith debate on here)? Let go and moved on? Gone on a big piss up? Any ideas?

2. So, now the dust is finally settling, I am wondering what will become of us all. Will we let go? Move on? Or are we going to discuss what might have been? For example, anyone going to write a story of what might have happened to the Ajira flight once landed and where? What became of Ricardus off the Island before he eventually died? What role did Kate play in Aaron/Claire's life? These are all up to us to decide.

3. I see some of our Lostpedia friends are still yet to surface post the finale? Maybe they gained closure. Maybe they won't return. I hope they do. If just for a short while

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