Whilst personally I think season 6 has been ok (not poor and not great) ... with for me, one standout episode 'the lighthouse', one thing which is kind of bothering me, is the lack of character interaction as we have known it (particularly our Losties) on the Island timeline

What I mean by this is, that whilst I accept the role of seasons 1 and 2 in terms of the whole story, I feel season 6 in particular is losing that special interaction (which was built up by spending so much time together surviving in season 1 and 2). I just come away with a feeling of them being more like strangers (in the Island timeline!!!) rather than people who have gone through so much together. I accept the story has moved on in season 5 and 6 (with a lot of focus on the temple so far), but the way they are interacting, Kate and Jack (briefly in the jungle), Jack and Hurley, Sayid and Kate, it has just felt a little cold and not authentic. Apart from the scene between Saywer and Kate after Sawyer left the temple, it has felt like the history between them all, (caves, beach, playing golf!) has no relevance on the present.

I know there will be people saying I am talking out of my 19th hole (golf pun intended) and it is hard to explain this feeling, maybe someone else out there does sort of understand what I mean, or maybe not.

Also, the little things, like where has Richard gone, where the hell was Sawyer at Sundown, why did only Illana, Frank, Sun and Ben turn up (and not the others from the beach where Flocke left them), which I know are only small details, but they have bothered me for some reason.

Apart from this, I am relatively enjoying things. Just watching the old episodes and how our characters interacted, seems a million years away from what is going on right now, and I think once it has finished, I will still go back and enjoy that earlier stuff more.

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