I post this as my 109th edit. I was sat on the special 108 as someone noticed and actually considered leaving Lostpedia on that note. Might have been appropriate. But I caved in. So for those who are now bored of my silly community posts, I apologise. My 'let's write our own Lost episode' idea didnt take off particularly well, thus my next project is even bigger and even more ridiculously unlikely. But I still want to try.

We will continue to debate, discuss, predict and theorise season 6, but has anyone else sat down and actually considered the significance of the finale in relation to our community. I mean I know people will have, but has anyone discussed it. Surely we must do something, whatever that something is, to celebrate it. Together. I personally am sat here in the north west of England near Manchester. I am probably as far away from some of you than the Island itself. However, I want this post to motivate people to at least consider, coming up with something, however vague and distant at present, to celebrate the end of Lost together. This could be anything from a simple post where we all contribute to say what Lost has done for or meant to us, how we intend to watch the finale, how it might be nice to keep in touch afterwards, or actually getting people physically together to do something (I much prefer the latter). For those in the UK, I would love the opportunity to throw a random Lost finale party if anyone might be interested (people sleeping on the floor permitting). I think possibility is powerful and endless. PLEASE throw ideas around about how we can together as a family and community mark this moment. It will be with us very soon. We have to do something. Even if only one person agree's.

Thank you for reading my 109th post. Love you all

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