My philosophy behind this blog, is to offer fans within Lostpedia a creative opportunity to write a little scene of your own, which could be a follow on from an existing scene (seasons 1 to 6), a totally original scene (never presented from any past episode at all), or a preview of a scene you would love to see happen at some point this season before the finale (or the finale itself)

This is somewhat ambitious I know, and could take the form of a simple few lines of character dialogue, or if people have the time and imagination, we could together, almost create our very own episode. It may take work and several drafts, or it might inspire someone else to take it further on an alternative blog post, but wanted to see how many people might be initially interested.

At least might be fun to see people's ideas and creations of their own scene / character interaction

If this doesnt interest you at all, then please accept my apologies for wasting 30 seconds of your Lostpedia life.

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