i've had this feeling since we saw ben off jacob that the big man's had a fairly complex game plan in mind and that its this sixth season where its finally playing out.

the feeling's grown with time; this nagging sense that jacob has mapped out several moves in advance -- that MIB could never imagine that jacob's actually architected much of MIB's accomplishments with this last round of much so that jacob could be actually using MIB's own strength and momentum against him.

for jacob's plan to play out as planned, he's dependent on certain folks playing their "proper role;" making the right choices of their own free will.

if that doesn't happen then MIB "wins," but MIB has no real clue how much of his apparent success may actually just be part of jacob's grander plan.

i just get the sense that jacob set many aspects of this in motion and now is playing this game of chess several moves ahead of MIB.


--Ratay1 04:59, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

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