i posted this in another topic that might get buried, so i thought it worthwhile to post here, case anyone else had any thoughts. interested in your feedback...

that jacob didn't defend himself against ben's knife attack didn't surprise me...i'd had these notions that jacob was orchstrating a hugely elaborate scheme to take MIB down & that we were going to enjoy seeing the machinations and ultimate surprise in MIB's eyes as the veritable piano crashed down on his head.
but we ended up getting something very different...and it troubled me. as the story unfolded, it became more and more clear that jacob didn't really have a plan -- he wasn't utilizing an invisible grasp & pulling strings to orchestrate the endgame he'd carefully planned.
in trying to reconcile jacob's words & deeds throughout the last half of season 6, i'm toying with this idea that jacob had concluded at some point that he could never end this "game." that he needed MIB to find his loophole so that jack could assume his place as protector of the island and bring about the destruction of MIB...or not, because it seemed even jacob wasn't sure how the events he was putting into motion were going to play out. sure, jack might save the day or malevolence & pure evil might escape the island and destroy the world.
either way, though, he was was only going to end once. little did we know then that the "progress" he spoke of may have been rooted in MIB devising & executing the plan to eliminate jacob v. jacob assembling his chess pieces to eliminate MIB.

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