i've been struggling with the feeling that the OT storyline began being manipulated at a particular point by both jacob and MIB. my sense has been that MIB believes that he's the architect of jacob's demise and that he's constructing his own escape from the island.

however, i believe that jacob's been leveraging what another blogger's referenced as a "xanatos gambit;" where a given course of action is undertaken by a player (here MIB) that, if successful, actually fortifies (and possibly ensures) the outcome of his opponent (here jacob).

so i've been taken with this concept that, unwittingly, MIB has helped/is helping jacob defeat MIB.

all that said, there has to have been a particular point in which the plan began to be pieced together. was there any happenstance/chance that facilitated the plan unfolding in the manner we've seen it in the OT? or was it totally manipulated from the get-go?

i've become most interested in the "rescue" of the O6...did they have to get off the island for the plan to take shape? i think else is MIB able to eventually take control of locke's visage, which in turn resulted in ben's stabbing of jacob? if that's the case, has MIB been behind all the events that helped jack and crew leave the island at the end of S4?

in thinking about it, i've been trying to deconstruct how the O6 rescue occurred... it started with the freighter coming to the island...which was enabled when the arctic outpost was alerted to the position of the island by the "implosion" at the swan (desmond turning the failsafe key).

having done a little more homework here, it's apparent that there was some prodding from MIB in the form of a dream eko had where both ana lucia and yemi urged him to "help locke" get to the "question mark." subtle, but given the result was the discovery of the pearl station and subsequent "knowledge" that the various stations around the island were little more than elaborate psychological experiments, locke's convictions about the island, the crash survivors' importance and (most importantly) his own destiny had been shaken considerably.

those events culminated in locke's determination to prove that inputting the numbers into the swan computer was a meaningless exercise. he got desmond to implement a lockdown at the swan & then destroyed the terminal when desmond attempted to input the numbers as the deadline passed. all that said, it appears that these were the first actions the MIB had undertaken to put his plan into action. everything before then had been about gathering intelligence & insights. everything since then has played some part in driving ben towards the statue with the dagger in his hand.


--Ratay1 03:46, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

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