• Ratay1

    jacob's death

    June 3, 2010 by Ratay1

    i posted this in another topic that might get buried, so i thought it worthwhile to post here, case anyone else had any thoughts. interested in your feedback...

    that jacob didn't defend himself against ben's knife attack didn't surprise me...i'd had these notions that jacob was orchstrating a hugely elaborate scheme to take MIB down & that we were going to enjoy seeing the machinations and ultimate surprise in MIB's eyes as the veritable piano crashed down on his head.
    but we ended up getting something very different...and it troubled me. as the story unfolded, it became more and more clear that jacob didn't really have a plan -- he wasn't utilizing an invisible grasp & pulling strings to orchestrate the endgame he'd carefully plan…
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  • Ratay1

    Anybody else find it interesting that John never shared with Jack that he had been a paraplegic before coming to the island? That he began walking miraculously after he awoke on the beach?

    I think it would've been a MUCH more compelling argument -- if John ever cared about persuading Jack to believe him -- that "they were brought to the island for a purpose."

    Of course there might be arguments that the writers wouldn't want John to share that with Jack because you'd have expected that information to speed him along his path to discovery that he was on the island for a reason...that Jack might never have wanted to get on that freighter...etc.


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  • Ratay1

    Liked it, but...

    May 24, 2010 by Ratay1

    ...not sure I get why they needed to meet up with & recognize one another in the FST to "move on."

    I get that was the thesis here, so tough for the writers to get to "why" literally in the text of the show. One of those things you have to accept ("this is the way things are"). But, am hoping someone else has a thought here that I was too dense to soak up.

    Didn't need them to hit me over the head with it, but am feeling like I didn't get much that helped me identify with the perspective that this was an important tenet of the conclusion of the show.

    Feel like it might've been better if, by "awakening," each character got to bring their memories of one another on the island with them to the afterlife...and the season 6 story would've been abo…

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    MIB + H2O

    May 5, 2010 by Ratay1

    anyone here intrigued by the impact (or lack thereof) of Jack throwing MIB into the water in "The Candidate?"

    Sawyer evidently thought it would do something to him...evidently more than just getting his clothes wet...but it seemed the water was nothing more than an ordinary inconvenience...


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  • Ratay1

    i personally don't subscribe to the notion that there are unexplainable inconsistencies to the idea that MIB has been impersonating christian since the beginning, but there are enough questions here that i thought it deserved its own topic.

    what i'm going to try to do is list out all the known "inconsistencies" and then the counter-argument.

    • christian and flocke appear at or near the same time as one another to sun & lapidus
      • given MIB appears as isabella to richard in the bowels of the Black Rock while smokey can be heard topside sniffing around, lends some credence to the notion that smokey can manifest itself in multiple forms at once
    • claire clearly distinguishes between "my father" and "my friend"
      • MIB clearly has possession of locke's memor…
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