Hey all, never posted a page of my own before but I've read hundreds of awesome theories, ideas and connections from people. The other day as I was watching "Further Instructions" from season three, I thought about Boone appearing to John in the sweat lodge. More specifically, his initial words to John in which after he knew John was about to apologize for Boone's death, Boone or who I believe was in fact Jacob's enemy in Boone's form says that "it's OK I was the sacrifice that the island demanded". This phrase was exactly what John believed and said was the real cause of the accident. Now as many of us have possibly theorized that Jacob's nemesis has in fact manipulated John as well as other characters throughout the five seasons thus far, I think that even though Boone's(Jacob's nemesis) visit does in fact help John to save Eko and gives him an overall goal to rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer from Ben and the Others eventually, I think that this was what Jacob's nemesis had intended to happen. Because he knew that he needed Jack and company to be saved and continue onward with their path on the island  As I've said not sure if this has been written about in another post that I've missed but I do think it's a point worth another examination. So hopefully people will comment and give their two cents about the issue, and let's try and stay strong as it's not even Halloween yet as I'm sure you're all suffering from the effects of the LOST withdrawals as much as I have been. 

~Till all are one~

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