• Randomcody


    Kate: We have to go back! We have to get Jack!

    Sawyer: No, he made his choice… he chose to stay.

    Kate: But…

    Sawyer: No, you need to think about yourself… you need to think about Aaron. And I’m not going back to that island.

    Miles: I’m sorry to break up your little family therapy, but what are people going to think when this plane arrives in civilization?

    Kate: What do you mean?

    Miles: I mean; most of the passengers from this flight are gone… Richard and I were never even on this plane… not to mention that you (Miles looks at sawyer) and Claire are survivors of oceanic flight 815… you two are supposed to be dead; well, according to the Oceanic 6.

    Claire: So… What do we do?

    Lepidus: I’m not sure. All…

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