There have been wayyy to many users banned from this site, for nothing more than banter. every time someone disagrees with someone they are subject to be banned...its ridiculous. i myself have been banned already under a different user name (and i dont even care if this is "sock puppetry"), for nothing more than telling someone i didnt think their theory held much water, and i was told i was "intimidating and harassing" other users. Im sorry, i thought the point of these blogs were to share ideas, and what comes with that is banter over weather or not they are ligit. i never cursed, never threatened anyone, and never said anything that you wouldnt hear on the disney channel, but yet i was banned for telling some one they were wrong, and hurting their feeling...GROW UP LOSTPEDIA!!! i see there is now a faction formed against bloggers who actually watch the show. surprisingly i actually read in one blog someone say that we shouldnt tell people they are wrong because they might not have seen every episode. well im sorry, if you havent seen every episode, stay off the blogs until you have, it like jumping off a diving board while you still need swimmies. so to conclude, administrators need to stop making rash decision on what they think might hurt someone's feelings, and only ban users for things like spoilers, foul language, and threats....not differing opinions

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