Hi there, I've been thinking about characters who Lost it, for example, Ben, he was a master manipulator, and now he is just this crying guy, I know that is character evolving, but he is just not the same, anyway he still is interesting. Or Richard, in seasons 3, 4 and 5 he had all this mysticism, but in season 6 we saw that he knows nothing, and his past was revealed, I'm pretty sure he will be important for the war to come, but he is not that mysterious character we all loved anymore. Frank was a great character in season 4, but now he seems to have just one or two lines per episode, and the writers just have him there for comic relief, anyway his lines make my day (The weirdest funeral I've been, you make friends very easy don't ya). I think that a character who was saved from this demise was Daniel, all the time he was in the series, he never disappointed us, and he died when we got to know his past.

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