Why did the Others varied so much their clothes style? when we get to meet them in S2 they dress like uncivilized, this seemed logical as they were trying to fool the losties, in S3 they dress like normal people, but when they reappear in Something nice back home dress in an odd way again, then we see them in the 50s dressed as normal people again, then in the 70s they dress like normal people, but in Ben's flashback in TMBTC they dress as uncivilized again, and in S6 we see them with their uncivilized clothes, Aldo does it too, but he dressed like a normal dude in S3

And another question, in the 3 years that the losties were absent, couldn't they just moved to the barracks again I mean, they see like they have a lot of free time, they just could have rebuild them.

And what the hell happened with Isabel? she looked like a cool character

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