I know this is old stuff, but I have some questions about some plot holes I noticed recently after watching Exodus again.

First: How did the others know when the raft sailed and where to look for it if their spy was already dead? by the way, why Ben sent his best surgeon as a spy?

Second: Who started the black smoke? The others didn't appear on the camp and no one hid or died, and in the time shifts with Jin we didn't see any black smoke as Rosseau claimed

Third: Why the monster would have wanted to kill Locke, Locke hadn't done anything bad, and why the monster should botter as it seems that he can't kill the candidates himself?

Everything planned since the beggining? Maybe, maybe the writers only planned the Big Picture and left out the details, but they should have been more careful, I'm not saying that everything should be perfect, there will always be production errors, but they should have payed more attention to things like the discrepancy in the date of the incident in S2 and S5.

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