Does anybody here misses LOST IN TIME too??, I mean that guy was very funny, he had the ability to post any stupid thing, and get replies from users who were actually taking that seriously, like his post about the smoke monster being a genius, and the ones who had the chance to see his comments before he got banned, when he said that Darlton eat certain mammal's reproductive organ, it was hilarious, I don't know why he was banned, and I don't think he had a necessity for a suck puppet, but the admins say he had, and who am I to question them?? I don't wanna get banned.

Well I probably won't get any responses for this post, as I fell that Lostpedia is slowly dying, most of the things we have now in the blog are intended sequels or prequels of lost made by fans, some of them really lame, but that won't stop me from posting, and this maybe my last post, this is really sad.

Well LOST IN TIME, if you get to read this, I just have to say: You left a mark in Lostpedia, for good or for bad. I'll stop this, the admins could think I'm his suck puppet too

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