The season 5 finale opening was good. the black rock is seen, we meet jacob, see the statue. Well what happens after the flashback ends? heres my theory.

Jacob and MIB talk on the beach. MIB gets up and starts to leave. Richard is in chains on the black rock. we suddenly hear someone yell WE SEE SOMETHING. magnus hanso comes out. him and his crew see the giant statue. Locke turns the frozen wheel, sending sawyer juliet jin and miles to 1974. the black rock however is in range of the island so it moves with it. the statue falls( except the foot) from the shaking of turning the wheel. it makes a big wave that takes the black rock inland. jacob and MIB find the black rock. MIB turns to smokey and kills the crew, except richard, who is saved by jacob. any thoughts on this????

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