Death probability

So who is going to die next?

Jack- possibly. in the end maybe killing the MIB

Kate- likely also.

Sawyer- as much as i hate to say it, his chances are high. hes lost evrything. his daughter, his love juliet.

Hurley- extremely low he is way to well liked, but LOST has killed off liked characters(juliet,charlie, etc.)

Miles- he really doesnt have any point on the show anymore

Ilana- also high. even though we havent learned much, she problably is gonna go.

jin/sun- likeley, possibly if jin and sun reunite, they both will die together.

Frank-... maybe, we have learned most. and he doesnt really do anything.

Ben- i dont know about him. maybe he will be the one to take down MIB or widmore.

richard- i think so. so that him and isabella can be reunited.

desmond- i dnt think so. he has a wife and son, so it would be very sad to see him go.

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