Hi all! Long time reader, first time blogger. (Always wanted to say something like that.) Anyway, just want to jump in on the Who is Good Who is Bad discussion. First, Jacob and MiB are both good and evil. The only character who may be purely good is The Island. Jacob may be a little more good and MiB more evil, but they're really about evenly balanced.That said, I think Jacob is a dick. I've seen a lot of discussion today along the lines of, How can you say Jacob is bad, etc. While it's true that Jacob hasn't killed anyone that we know of, he is wholly responsible for every death on the Island. He may have only nudged people, but in the conversation on the beach between. J. and MiB, it's pretty clear that J. brings people to the Island. He orchestrated the situations that brought 815 to the Island. None of the Losties would be there if not for Jacob. Therefore, MiB/Smokey couldn't have killed them. Is it worse to be the hands-on killer, as MiB is? Absolutely. However, Jacob is responsible for ALL of the deaths that occurred, even if he never laid hands (smoke?) on anyone. No one killed by MiB could have been killed if not for Jacob's summoning or meddling or nudging or whatever. I'm reserving judgment on who is good or evil, but my feeling is that all of the characters are shades of gray. Except for the Island itself. Discuss. Queso' MacCutcheon 01:00, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

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